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The Medina Difference

Your Loved One is Our Loved One

Since its opening in 1965, Medina Nursing center has been rooted in small town family values with a focus on community and caring for those in the Durand and surrounding area as though they are family.  Maintaining this commitment  has remained a priority as Medina has grown over the years.  Medina remains a family owned nursing facility and prides itself in providing the highest quality, award-winning care in a warm home-like setting.  

Mandated Notice



Notice Dated 2/22/2023

THis facility does not currently meet the minimum staffing ratios required by law.  Posted at the direction of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

To Clarify: On the specific dates listed below, the facility was found to have shortages of RN hours, despite having LPN coverage exceeding requirements on those same dates:

7/2/2022 the facility was short .43 of an hour of RN coverage but had 28.42 LPN hours in place

7/31/2022 the facility was short .31 of an hour of RN coverage, but had 27.56 LPN hours in place

9/24/2022 the facility was short .17 of an hour of RN coverage, but had 30.72 LPN hours in place.

We are contracted with most insurances, Medicare, Medicaid and the Veteran's Administration

Hospice and Respite Care

Veteran's Administration Contracted Nursing Facility

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